Run Windows programs without downloading

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Run Windows programs without downloading or installing only through the browser

A service to run Windows programs without downloading or installing only through the browser

Previously, we talked about ways to download programs safely without fear of exposure to malware, and in this new explanation we will share with you a unique way to run your favorite programs without even installing them on the device. This service is provided by Turbo, a platform that allows to run hundreds of programs without installation and from your browser only, and the only condition is a good Internet connection. Turbo runs PC applications without the need to install a Virtual Machine. Unlike other Mac VM solutions, Turbo is cloud-based where all applications and data are hosted on a single private cloud that can be accessed from any device regardless of its operating system type. The service allows computer applications to run without slowing down your device's performance. Turbo also includes thousands of ready-to-use applications, servers, browsers, and plug-ins. The applications in Turbo work just as if they were running on a local computer, the only difference being that they are isolated in a secure environment. The service is compatible with any device. This feature allows running applications from causing compatibility issues with currently installed programs. Another useful feature is that the program allows caching and recording on the desktop of users to download applications to their devices for offline use.

The first thing you need to do is to download and install Turbo software from its official website. When you do this, you will be asked to install the service extension for Chrome or FireFox .  


Then, you will be asked to register for an account with the service. And after registration. You can head over to the Turbo control panel and select the apps you want to run. 

You can check out this Docs page to get an idea of ​​the general use of the software, methods of installation on devices, and a host of other related options.