Adding Google Chrome will help you a lot

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Adding Google Chrome will help you a lot

Personally, I always run into this problem, so I searched the Arabic content and did not find anyone who solves this problem, but on the other hand, when I searched the Western content, I came across a wonderful addition that put an end to it, so I said why not share it with you, it is a useful addition and at the same time I did not No one has ever explained it at the level of the Arab world. 

The addition, the subject of our article, comes under the name “Google When”, and its idea is simply to remind you of the last time you entered the link that appears to you in the search list when you searched for anything in the Google engine, to understand more, continue reading, but before that I would like to tell you that if If you want to install the extension on your Google Chrome browser, all you have to do is click on the link below, which will take you directly to the extension store.

If, as you notice with me, after you install the extension, you search for anything on Google, and after you see the list for the search, it will appear next to it. When was the last time you accessed this site, as you can see in the image, after I searched for the word “professional”, I entered the first link It appears to me on the list, and after I returned to the list, it appeared to me next to the link that I entered, a sentence that means that I entered it a few minutes ago, and thus I will bypass this link and search in the list for another link.

This was a small article through which I wanted to introduce you to one of the add-ons that I have personally used due to its wonderful and clever idea. Add-on link: Google When