The steps that hackers follow in penetration operations

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The steps that hackers follow in penetration operations

At first glance, you may think that religious hackers are hacking digital systems from devices or websites and other than that, they do it quickly and in the blink of an eye , and what helped spread this picture among people is the Hollywood movies that depict the hacker in the form of a genius, my father with several orders only can penetrate most of the systems Security , but in fact it is completely different , as the hacker spends a lot of time in the hope of finding a loophole in a specific application that can be exploited and penetrate the target , in this post we will present the stages and steps that hackers follow to penetrate a specific security system.

1- Gather information about the target

information gathering also called English isstagewhich a hacker collects information ontargetexampleAda wasgoal ispenetrateparticular site
Valhakr collects information about hosting on whichsite
 , the titleABC , the site managervarious Alamilat , programming languages through which programming This site and the platform on which it is based, such as WordPress..etc
. But if the goal is to hack someone's profile, the hacker here is trying to gather as much information as possible about that person
 , from his date of birth, place of residence , work , emails , and this process is called social engineering , then After that, this information is used for the rest of the penetration steps.
This stage is considered the longest stage in the hacking process, which may exceed a week compared to the rest of the other stages 
. Gathering the largest possible number of information will make the hacking process itself easy.

2- Examination and scanning

In this stage, hackers search for loopholes or open slots at the target and exploit the information they collected in the first phase. For the rest of the stages, Ada succeeded in finding a weak point in the system.
3- Entering the system
after the hacker succeeded in reaching a specific weak point at the target (and this target may be a specific device or website or even a person’s profile) 
, he can now enter and see the data he wants and pull out the sensitive files and as such he has several other powers.

4. Install penetration

in these phase hacker to installbreak and evade detection bytarget seeking sonotwaste his effortinclude wind , it isexampleliftingShell and my father iscontrol programmy father by hackers depends to enter the hacked site again even if the discoverygap (which was by the hacking process) by the site administrators.

5- Wipe and hide traces of hacking

Discovering the hacker’s order may expose him to legal issues and strict penalties against electronic crimes , so the hackerseeks to hide the traces of his breach and never leaves evidence of his conviction . In his place , this stage is a very sensitive stage and it is the one that
The professional hacker is distinguished from the novice hacker. If a particular hacker penetrates a security system and leaves traces indicating the perpetrator, he remains in constant fear and anxiety of reaching it.
These are the stages and steps in order that professional hackers follow in their hacking operations.