Windows Xp Pro VL Sp3 Gamers

Windows Xp Pro VL Sp3 Gamers

 اليوم نعرض عليكم ويندوز إكس بى Windows Xp Pro VL  جيمرز Gamers Sp3 أحدث إصدار من إصدارات ويندوز إكس بى المعدلة والمخصصة لتشغيل الالعاب للاجهزة الضعيفة ولمحبي الالعاب هذا الويندوز موجة اليكم

تحميل ويندوز إكس بى جيمرز Windows Xp Pro VL Sp3 2020 Gamers

ان مبنية على أساس Pro Xp Student مضاف إلي الويندوز الحزمة لخدمية الثالثة SP3 وكذلك آخر التحديثات الأمنية الهامة.

والتعريفات والأدوات الداعمة لتشغيل الالعاب. كذلك من مميزات ويندوز شكله Windows Xp Gamers المميز بثيم جديد باللون الأسود. هذا الويندوز من إعداد فريق Lil العالمى والشهير بإنتاج أنظمة التشغيل.

 windows Xp pro VL Sp3 Gamer version x86 April 2018 team-LiL unique way to ghost killa for stripped down xp concept’s this windows became made with xp pro pupil sp0 RTM because the supply disk, with Sp3 construct 5512 introduced and upto date hotxes added no want for any wga cracks with this one it passes on-line as completely proper (pupil version based + proper pupil vl key) reliable validation of Microsoft You do now not want to use cracks and stu, install and use as when you have a certied replica. This so-known as “scholar” copy of XP

it is designed for more than one installation with out in addition contact with black-list windows genuine benet. This version of windows XP SP3 does now not require activation and is the legitimate validation of Microsoft. the vl cd-key is slipstreamed into the cd so no want to position while putting in from gadget bootup installation tcp ip = 16777215 uxtheme applyed (can use unsigned topics) Default windows language ENGLISH/uk please exchange to your personal language as soon as hooked up use ‘regional and Language options’ after in control panel. as its a fully unattended installation i burned the iso image with nero.. this will suit on a dvd-rom please do a easy install from system bootup with this home windows disk. this isn't always a improve disk, because the upgrade functions were taken out. introduced TO THE install DISK Framework – internet explorer 8 

ok-lite mega 1382 (remaining model support xp) consisting of media player conventional process priority saver 200.2751 WinRAR ve.50 Directx nine , 10 , 11 wmfdist11XP JoyToKey 591 eliminated FOLDERS FROM THE install DISK WIN9XMIG , WIN9XUPG , WINNTUPG , VALUEADD , aid , cmpnents , docs eliminated FROM THE install DISK via Nlite removed additives Russian language & keyboard Arabic language & keyboard packages removed Accessibility alternatives Briefcase Calculator Pinball Screensavers WordPad Drivers eliminated Cameras and Camcorders display Adapters display Adapters (old) IBM ThinkPad Printers Scanners 

hardware support eliminated Iomega Zip power printer support Teletext codec Multimedia removed Media center Mouse Cursors lm Maker tune Samples