Google launches its new operating system, Macrodroid


Google continues to exploit the important qualifications of its operating system, Android for mobile devices, and in this context, the company has revealed a new version that will surely be well received among users, because it is aimed at a class of devices and operating environments different from what most users have known.

According to Google, a new version of the famous Microdroid operating system (Microdroid) has been launched, and the new system is described, according to the official website of the Android Open Source Project, as a miniature and lighter version of the original Android system, and therefore this new system will be deprived of a number of advantages. The specifications are already in the main version of Android, but its purpose will be different.

According to Google, this type of system, ie Microdroid, will be directed to work on the hardware environment and virtualization systems, "Virtualization", which is a very important area for developers, application developers, systems and other functions related to the virtualization feature.

According to XDA Developers, the goal of this project is to allow a lower version of Android to run on top of the hypervisor to allow for the virtualization of a single Android application rather than providing a complete secondary desktop environment.