Nokia C1 Plus review

  Are you looking for very cheap phones? Today a new member of the inexpensive family of cell phones has officially arrived on the market. We are talking about the Nokia C1 Plus, a device with very modest hardware and an almost low price. 

The Nokia C1 Plus comes with an Android 10 Go edition inside, which is a very affordable feature for smartphones. This OS is designed to work well with humble hardware like the one in this one. Nokia has managed to launch a very cheap device, but with enough power to carry out everyday tasks.

Its design is minimalist, so don't expect to see holes in the screen or well-used edges. It is a smartphone made of plastic and has one back and front cameras. There is no fingerprint sensor and the screen is small if we compare it with the current sensors. There is nothing in the phone that attracts more attention than the colors: blue and red.

Full phone specifications

5.45-inch HD + display

Quad core 1.4 GHz processor

- 1 GB RAM

16 GB internal storage (microSD slot)

5-megapixel rear camera

5 MP front camera

- With two slices

MicroUSB and 3.5 mm jack

2,500 mAh battery

Dimensions: 149.1 x 71.2 x 8.75 mm

Weight: 146 g

On the features side, you should know that this device has the bare minimum to be able to perform basic Android tasks. It is a device designed to use Gmail, Google Chrome, WhatsApp, browse social networks, and make or receive calls. The rest of the procedures like editing photos, playing games, or using multiple apps all at once offer a worse experience.

The € 69 phone price may sound very attractive, but the truth is that there are much higher options than the Nokia C1 Plus to spend more money. A good example is the Xiaomi Redmi 9C NFC, a device that, in its version of 2 RAM and 32 GB of storage, costs just over 100 euros.