Apple introduces the new AirPods Max

 Finally .. Apple introduces the new AirPods Max, but the price!

Finally .. Apple introduces the new AirPods Max, but the price!

After much waiting and anticipation, Apple revealed its new product, which was expected to be announced at its special event, which took place on Tuesday, December 8th, and it concerns the distinctive AirPods Max, but also the high price in continuity of the company's policy, which received A lot of criticism.

And a lot of news, citing various sources, had expected during the past days that Apple would announce new headphones, and reports indicated that its name would be mostly AirPods Studio, but the correct name as announced by Apple in its event yesterday evening was AirPods Max, after announcing it, users expressed their admiration for this new product, but as usual, the high price will be a major obstacle for many.

And according to what Apple revealed, the new AirPods Max accessory will come with a major and important feature, which is the active noise cancellation system known as "ANC", which will improve the usage experience for AirPods Max users, and this accessory will be equipped with an "Apple" chip. H1 "from Apple and is responsible for this feature, in addition to the point that won admiration, which is the distinctive design of the new device.

On the other hand, Apple announced that the price of the AirPods Max will be 549 US dollars, which is a very high price and has intensified the criticism directed at Apple for designing devices for a specific segment of users.