7 premium services you can get now for free if you use these excellent alternatives


7 premium services you can get now for free if you use these excellent alternatives!

7 premium services you can get now for free if you use these excellent alternatives!

It is an undeniable fact that some people still have reservations about purchasing paid electronic content such as programs, movies, etc., and it is preferable to download them from unofficial sites in an illegal manner, which is what made some companies and services issue trial versions of their programs and applications with restrictions usually In two forms, the first form is the issuance of a trial version of the program or service with limited functions, and the second form is the release of the full features to be used, but in a limited period, and after the expiration of the period allowed, the program asks you to pay to continue using it, and at the end we usually dispense with About this step and we download the program in a duplicate version, as previously mentioned, and generally if you have a website that you run to work on the Internet, you always need some paid tools that increase your productivity and benefit you in your work and improve it, and in this article we will share with you. Seven different sites offer paid services to regular users and usersIt is useful for applicants in all fields, and you will surely love it and put one of them in your favorite sites list.

1. Free editing services  

The Microsoft Office suite of programs is the most famous editing program in the world, providing integrated and distinct features that you will not find in any other competing programs, but what is wrong with it is that it is not free and requires payment to continue to use its service, and fortunately the availability of free alternative programs that are sufficient for you from Microsoft, which is LibreOffice, which comes packed with six programs, will make you feel as though you are using Office programs, with which you can open, create, edit and save documents in formats that suit you.  

Another free alternative option we recommend if you want to edit documents is Google Docs, which is more than just a word processor, it is a complete set of well-known editors such as Word, Exel, etc.  

2. Free image editing program

Photoshop may be the first option that we are used to when we think about editing and modifying images, and it is also paid and its large size in installation makes some resort to other alternatives if available, and GIMP is a free and suitable alternative to Photoshop, which is known as GNU Image Manipulation Program, and it contains the same capabilities of the Photoshop program, as it includes the feature of filters, brush tools, gradients of colors, smearing tools, cropping and wiping ... etc., and in general GIMP is useful because it puts all its tools close to you when editing pictures, so if you want to improve the shape of the image or the angle Add text, erase parts of an image, or add layers of texture, all of these tools are right in front of you.  

3. Free audio books

Audible and iTunes are a huge library containing millions of audiobooks in any field, whether you listen to audiobooks at work, in the gym, or on long trips, these platforms provide books with very high sound quality, and of course they can cost These audiobooks are much more than a hard copy book costs, and for this reason there are services like  Libribox or LoyalBooks to download renewed audiobooks throughout the week for free and without a cent.    

4. Free audio editor

If you are looking for an inexpensive audio editing program, you will likely come across Audacity in the initial results of the Google search engine, which is a free, easy-to-use and open source audio program that provides audio recording and converting old tapes and recordings into digital or CD. And what makes Audacity great is that it allows you to do anything you want or need by using the sound as adding effects to it, merging it into another sound or improving it, and also removing background noise etc.  

5. Spam

Millions of spam emails that are sent every day, similar to automatic calls to users as a matter of advertising, and they remain annoying and not favored by everyone, and one way to block these unwanted messages is to use a backup email address that you do not use, and you can get rid of them. By using temporary mail services as a temporary or deprecated Arabic service, which allows creating a fake and temporary email address to reach unnecessary messages such as activation messages and downloading files.    

6. Free video editors

Most of the free video editing programs like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are editing tools suitable for beginners but they provide very limited options, and unfortunately there may be more advanced software tools like Final Cut Pro but they are very expensive, however there are some advanced video editing alternatives that will not It costs anything and you can start using it from now, like VSDC that contains most of the capabilities usually reserved for professional paid programs, but it offers it for free.  

7. 3D design program   

If you are a novice designer looking for a free alternative to advanced 3D design programs such as AutoCAD, you will not want to spend money on these programs and would like to try these free alternatives instead, and to meet your 3D modeling needs, you can use the SketchUp Make service , which is a tool Free lets you create 3D designs and models quickly With an intuitive push-pull system and powerful tutorial, even beginners can start creating their own images at any time.  

For budding homeowners, there is a fun and easy-to-use 3D web tool EasyHome Homestyler , with which you can design a floor plan and fill it with doors, windows, furniture, appliances, and even people and then try it out in a 3D space in real time.