How to Choose Which Extensions Appear

 Expansions in Microsoft Edge can make your program more helpful or amazing. However, now and then you probably won't care for symbols for every expansion occupying a room on the toolbar. Here are two simple approaches to oversee which expansion symbols show up on your Edge toolbar. 

Shroud Extension Icons in the Menu 

The most straightforward approach to stow away or uncover an augmentation toolbar symbol in Edge is by moving it from the toolbar to the circle's menu, which resembles a "… ". When it's on the menu, you can simply move it back to the toolbar. Here's the ticket. 

To start with, dispatch Edge. In any window, find the toolbar. Naturally, augmentation symbols show up to one side of the location bar.

First, launch Edge. In any window, locate the toolbar. By default, extension icons appear just to the right of the address bar.

The extensions toolbar in Microsoft Edge.

If you’d like to remove an extension icon from the Edge toolbar (without uninstalling or disabling the extension), right-click the icon and select “Move to the menu.”

In Edge, right-click the extension icon and select "Move to the menu."

Once you move an extension icon to the menu, you’ll find it at the very top of the main Edge menu, which you can access by pressing the ellipses button (which looks like three dots).

Once an extension is moved to the menu in Edge, you'll find it when you press the ellipses button.

If you’d like to bring the extension icon back to the toolbar, right-click the icon and select “Move to the toolbar” in the menu that appears.

In Edge, right-click the extension icon and select "Move to the toolbar."

Repeat this with as many extensions you’d like until you’ve found the configuration that is most comfortable for you.

Disable Extensions Completely

You can also remove extension icons from the toolbar by disabling the extensions themselves. Once disabled, the extensions will no longer function until you reenable them later. First, click the ellipses button (thee dots) and select “Extensions.”

In Edge, click the ellipses button then select "Extensions."

An “Extensions” tab will open. This tab includes the master list of all your installed Edge add-ons and extensions. To disable any one of them, flip the little switch next to it until it turns off.

To disable an extension in Edge, click the switch beside it to turn it off.

Once the extension is disabled, its icon will disappear from the toolbar. If you want to bring it back, just revisit the Extensions menu and flip the switch beside it back on again. Have fun flipping switches!