The largest professional application library for Android mobile for free


A collection of professional Android mobile applications for free

First app: Screen translate

To translate any writing or any image and convert it to writing and translate it directly and very quickly, this application will save you time and effort and make the Torja experience an enjoyable, fast and very smooth experience.

The second application: Netcut

This application will make you able to monitor your Wi-Fi network and know who is connected with you in the network, and not only that, but you can also cut off the connection to it, as well as control the Internet speed of this person calling you and know his information and everything related to him.

Third app: No Root Firewall

This application enables you to disconnect the connection on any application in your phone, so the Internet is prevented from it and thus Internet consumption will decrease as it will benefit you in the event that you have a WhatsApp and Messenger account and you want to cut off the connection without erasing the data from them, this application will help you in this matter.

Fourth application: Manual Camera

This app will offer you awesome features that are only present in professional cameras, it offers you good technologies and features in the camera, and you can of course notice the features in the camera after you try the application.

Fifth application: the Chinese application

This application converts all your pictures into cartoon or rather cartoon images as if they are completely drawn and not converted from real to cartoon so you can see in the video the amount of details, quality and dazzling result of the application and in order to understand its mechanism of work, follow the video only.

Sixth application: Search By Image

This application enables you to search for any product, image, person, place, building, literally anything, by way of only part of its image, and not only that, but rather it will give you the complete picture of it as well as give you its name and how to buy it if it was a product or give you information about the person present in the picture.

The seventh app: Panels

This application gives you a bar on the left or right side, and through it you will be able to access any application or tool in your phone through it quite easily and with unnatural smoothness, as you can access it through the settings in it.

Mobile performance improvement application

The first application: VPN for changing the IP address of 2 MB

The second application: the fake e-mail

The third application: the notification bar

Fourth application: Launcher

Fifth application: Find out who is spying on your phone or whether your phone is being monitored or not

The sixth application: Al-Kharafi to fix system errors and the many features in it

The seventh application: to read all missed notifications and read messages without appearing to be read by the sender

The eighth application: the wonderful music player with exclusive features

Ninth app: Recycle Bin on the phone

The tenth application: coloring any non-colored or black and white image, even if it is old, with artificial intelligence