10 apps in one app The Kharafi app I dare you to dispense with


Today, the Kharafi application must be present on all Android phones because it offers awesome and powerful features, and this application is called Repair System.
Your mobile phone started working very slowly? Memory is completely full and apps not want to work properly? You're starting to think about whether I need the new device, but you don't! You can solve this problem easily and for free: All you have to do to speed up the phone is to use the system repair application,

with the help of the new mobile repair system, you can clean your mobile phone memory and delete the applications, which you have not used for a long time as well as the old useless files (such as empty folders, Empty files)

In addition, the repair system app will find and correct the errors, hidden in your phone's files.
Attention: when you reinstall the apps in the normal way that you no longer use them, their data remains in the cache and steals the internal space of your phone. Regular memory cleaning will help you avoid this situation.

The main menu of system fix for Android system contains the following options:

★ Improve RAM Performance
You can instantly improve your phone's performance and free up RAM to make your phone run faster! With this light tool, you can speed up your Android phone, and boost the efficiency.
★ CPU cooler CPU
cooler can cool down your android phone's CPU temperature with one click.
★ Clear cache and delete unwanted files
Clean useless cache files, as it can free up your phone space, speed up your phone, and remove unwanted files consuming memory and storage space. You can clean with just one click, free up space, and boost phone speed.
★ Battery saver (battery optimization)
A battery saver function that helps extend battery life up to 50% by finding apps and settings that drain power on your device.
It also provides you with detailed battery information, and uses our unique two-stage charging system to conserve battery power, and never worry about your phone battery again!
★ Remove all empty folders and files
With just one click, all empty folders and empty subfolders will be deleted.
★ Manage Applications (Uninstall the application)
Uninstaller tool for Android, remove apps, clean up storage and free up more space.
★ System Repair
The smart function will help you by scanning your whole system and fix any problem, so you can have a stable and fast system.
★ Root Checker
Verify that correct root access is configured (super user) and work with Root Check! Free, fast and easy root checker shows user whether root access (superuser) is installed and working properly or not.

The second tab suggests paying attention to the following items:
Show all info
★ Battery info;
★ Storage and RAM;
★ Features available;
★ Mobile information;
★ Network information;
★ OS information;
★ info

★ Camera information (front camera, back camera);
★ A sensor available on your device;
★ Bluetooth information.
★ Information display;

The third tab suggests paying attention to the following elements:

★ More Options
is a set of basic useful tools that help you use your Android phone.
All useful tools in one compact app.

All main menu options are available completely free of charge. Using the accelerator application, you can control the work process on your mobile phone. On the second tab, called Tools, you'll get more tools.

Use them all to increase the performance of your device and enjoy their perfect job!

All tools and options available in this android system repair app are encouraged to make using your mobile phone more comfortable: don't forget to check installed apps for bugs and viruses and delete their cache as well, you won't face the situation when your device is not working properly and you don't know - why!