What will be FIFA 2021

FIFA Ultimate Team Play Mode or what is known as FUT is one of the most prominent additions made by the famous sports series in its current generation, many and many are buying the game to play this phase only.
Now we are on the eve of the release of FIFA 2021 and every year the game has been facing some criticism due to the lack of innovations within the game, but EA has promised us many changes in the new part and of course, FIFA Ultimate Team will be one of the most prominent stages that will be worked on and updated.

Arab Hardware Team now provides you with all the details that have been revealed as well as some exclusive important information related to FIFA Ultimate Team 2021.

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CO-OP Play System.

In the new version, you will be able to play the game with your friends and everyone in his house, in the current or previous parts you could play with your friends, but it was required that they were already in front of the device.

Now the matter is becoming more digital, as friends can participate in matches together through an Internet connection only. 
As for matches and how to organize them, the player who owns his club will enter a match, and then his friends will join him very naturally.

If you are wondering how to choose an opponent, the opponent will be chosen by the level of the player who already owns the club, and this may ensure that the player will not use the advantage badly to make him compete with people who are weaker than him.

Determine the number of matches.

In the current version of FIFA, you can play as many matches as you want in the Rivals Matches, but this has led to a very big gap between the average player and the player who is very interested or absorbed in the game.

Because the player who is consumed in the game can go on for hours and hours and accumulate points and in this way, he can defeat the regular opponent quite easily or he can raise his own level.

Therefore, EA has decided to limit the number of matches that can be played in FIFA Ultimate Team and the Rivals Matches, now we do not have the final and definite number, but the hints and some information indicating that the number of matches will be limited to 30 or 40 games only.

The limitation here does not mean that the game will close its doors in front of you after the completion of the number of matches, but all there is to it is that after the allowed number of matches you will not win any points or prizes, you will be playing for fun only.

This system is supposed to equalize the scale slightly between the types of players in the game, but in my opinion, this system punishes the player interested in the game and may force him to use real money instead of accumulating points with his personal effort and depending on his skill only.

Especially since the number of matches mentioned is very small, you already have 30 FUT matches every week, which means that there are only 10 matches left within the Rivals, so the developer confirmed that he has not made a decision yet regarding the number of available weekly matches.

The new stadium.

One of the most prominent modifications that the new game will get is related to the stadium, we will have our own stadium, we start with a very small and poor stadium that does not have any luxuries or additions and with time and progress in playing and upgrading the stadium will be greatly developed and with a lot of details from the number of stands and passing through With player seats, substitutes, and finishes in-floor quality and lights, many of the details will be upgradeable and upgradeable inside your new stadium.

New placement system.

It is clear that FIFA 2021 pays great attention to the regular or new player in general, so the placement system has been completely modified, the first 30 matches in Squad Battles will determine your level and based on their results you will be placed in the appropriate division for you as a player so that you can gradually raise your level and not be The game is a bitter experience for anyone who has never played it before.

Also, the Leaderboard has been upgraded to show 30 matches and the number of players has increased from 100 to 200 players.

There is no VAR.
A lot of rumors are rumors that the game will get VAR, but this rumor has been completely denied at least in the 2021 version, the truth is the idea is a little illogical, especially since the game does not originally contain VAR problems because the game uses digital computing in the first place, so you will not find a ball that counts as a goal without entering The goal or the ball enters the goal and does not count as a goal.

Although the developer has denied this idea, it specifically concerns the 2021 version, so it may be applied in later parts, but the new version will certainly not contain this technology.

Remove Fitness Cards.
Finally, the Fitness Cards and warm-up tools that you purchase will be removed periodically, but the physical condition of the team will not be canceled of course, in every match each player will have a specific physical condition affected by the effort he exerts in the match, but after completing the match and entering another match, it is repeated The fitness level of all players, regardless of their physical condition, after the end of the previous match.

Also, this matter would provide some points for the player after he used to consume a lot of points on these cards periodically and exhausting the player.

New Icons.
For the first time, the FIFA game will contain 100 new icons, so far, a group of icons such as Ashley Cole and Eric Cantona has been confirmed, and more icons are expected to be unveiled in the coming days, for example, the icon of former Barcelona player Xavi has been revealed.

Lists updated.

The new game will update the menus to become simpler and easier at the same time as a kind of ease for the new player or the old player alike, with the addition of short access keys for a set of important tools within the game.

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 Better than FIFA 20?
This was the most important information you need to know about the new FIFA Ultimate Team mode but will these adjustments be enough to provide a new gaming experience?

In fact, this question cannot be answered now, so we must wait until the game is tried after its release, and we must also wait until the game is released on the new generation platforms in order to determine whether the improvements are related to the idea of ​​the game itself through the use of the new hardware, or it is just graphic improvements.

So far, it is clear that EA is trying to focus on the online game phase very much and trying to make the playing environment more interconnected, as we have seen the developer’s announcement of deleting a group of celebrations that lead to poisoning the playing environment and also we learned that some time periods for the player are being reduced.
 To do something like shoot a free kick or a goal kick.

Share your opinion, dear reader, in the information we have about the new FUT mode, and has this information made you excited about FIFA 2021 or not?