Transfers 1507-1506 for Star Net, Nova, with new additions, Gold Audio and Extreme in full

Transfers 1507-1506 for Star Net, Nova, with new additions, Gold Audio and Extreme in full

1 The stability of cardsharing
2 Run the LAN interface efficiently on the sharing, live and shoulder code, and speed up performance in the extreme

3_ Add Facebook

4 add twitch

5 The possibility of changing the name of the favorite folder

6 Divide the bouquets Extreme by pressing the yellow or red button to switch between the packages

7_ speed in performance and light movement between channels
8_ add a feature
zoom signal on the soft server

9_Add a feature to know the quality of the IPTV channel from the info button
10 Add Gold Audio activation number 8 you write it 10 times
Gold Audio activated 8 ten times 
Activate the new Gold Audio (Radio Pin Sport) feature,
activation is number 8 up to 12 times

 Activating the audio in the Nova

Mac only original receivers

First, should I have started, 999





Second, Nova 1000 conversions






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