Tips to defend your computer from malware, hijacking, and electronic piracy

One of the biggest problems facing us these days is electronic warfare and cyber penetration, as with the advancement of technology and the opening of many individuals to many sciences devoted to technology, it has become easy to learn methods of hacking and malware programming to steal victims' information, and as we saw the previous stage how many cyber-attacks that It has been updated around the world and the most recent is WannaCry Malware, for this, we found that it is optimal to know some of the instructions and instructions that need to be taken to defend your computer from malware, theft, and electronic piracy.

First, activate automatic renewal:

One of the biggest factors driving the spread of WannaCry Is that the hackers discovered a vulnerability in the Windows system But fortunately Microsoft It had sent a security renewal sometime before the spread of the software, so whoever renewed his system with that security renewal was safe and nothing happened to him, but the one who neglected that renewal was the one who caused damage to his computer in the first place.

That is why we recommend that you take care of the updates, whether they are essential or not, but it is necessary to download and install the modifications as soon as possible to avoid any damage to your data or computer.

Second, using Anti-Virus:

Also, one of the topics we do not care about is Anti-Virus programs  Whereas, given that the cost of the programs is prohibitive for most of the users of Egypt, there is also another sector interested in installing anti-virus programs But it is not known how effective it is and whether or not it is suitable for it.

That is why we recommend installing Anti-Virus One on the computer because if you install more than one, their work will conflict together and this does not increase the chances of your protection at all. 
We also recommend using Windows Defender. 
The free one that comes with Windows System Starting with Windows 8.1 If you are not able to purchase Anti-Virus strong.

Third, use a strong vocabulary:

Passwords are the primary door that protects your data, whether on your computer or on electronic communication platforms, online purchase sites, or account storage sites. This is why it is necessary to choose passphrases very carefully and must be unpredictable and not directly related to your personal data, such as date Your birth, your name, your job, the name of your pet, etc.
 All of these components are easy to guess and predict, so you need to stay away from them and create a password that is not easy to memorize and does not carry a specific pattern.

Rather, if the password becomes difficult and cannot be saved quickly, how will you save it? This is why we recommend using LastPass Or one of the programs found here.

Fourth, do not leave your computer or phone unattended:

If you are in a public gathering, you should never leave your computer or phone, as your computer or phone may not be stolen, but information may be seized from it or a malicious program may be injected into one of your devices to track you or your data at a later time, so you must be constantly present next to your devices If necessary, and you must move from your place, you must turn off your devices and take them with you.

Fifthly, the certainty of electronic links:

It is constantly warned that we do not receive links from unknown senders, but also sometimes one of your friends has been hacked electronically and used as an intermediary between the hacker and the next victim, so it is necessary to verify the links in all circumstances before entering them and this by using the Virus Total website And choose the URL tab Then paste the link that you want to verify and see the outcome of the analysis if it is a secure link or not.

Sixth, to be certain of the programs that you download:

It is necessary for a long time to make sure of the sites that you download programs or games from, and each step must be read during the installation of the program, because in many cases, among the steps of installing the program is a small step to install an advertising subprogram, which could be a search engine or anti-virus program It is fake, so you need to know what you agree to before pressing the Next button During installation.

Seventh, do not trust pop-up ads:

Certainly, while browsing the Internet, you may find one of the advertisements that suddenly becomes clear as for your eyes asking you to download a program to speed up the performance of the computer or protect it from a powerful malicious program, but these are just ads that cover a harmful target behind them. Automatically without seeking any notice or permission from you, so we recommend that you stay away from these ads all the time, and if you do not find a way to go outside of that ad, only close the browser or tab in which that ad appeared.

If you follow these instructions, you may become extremely safe and will not be an easy target for these pirates.
 Also do not underestimate the matter or the principle of privacy, as these are the first steps to seize your data and spy on you.