The latest conversion of the Sun Plus Ducky 1506-1507 into the Super Gold 555 splendor

The latest transfer of the Super Gold 666 or the owners of the devices 8 Mega Sun Plus Dake 1506-1507
Here is a soft transfer to the Super Gold 555 and
enjoy all the additions that were revealed in the Eid Soft Eid
from  Super_Share  and  G_Share_ Plus
1- SUPER SHARE. Server added
2- G-SHEARE-PLUS Server added
3- DLNA added
5- LAN 9700 added
6- MR AUDIO Added
7- info by clicking IPTV inside the search application
8- Play has been added. When arranging channels by pressing
9- Youtube, the application of the
dolphin note IPTV has been fixed. It will work with the owners of Super Gold without any problems, and for
other devices, if you need to run the dolphin, you will communicate in particular.
All that you will do is two steps, but with the flash and the decompressed software means bearing and sending the software to the flash along the
step, you will download this software To your device with the flash


 a second step
after being watched and unlocking your device, this software will
convert with you to the Super Gold 555 and enjoy all the services and servers until The next software will come out, God willing,