Knowing your project is successful or not

We begin this article 

It was not easy for you to strive and come up with an integrated project and want it to produce for you all the money and social face you wish, and I tried months - maybe years - to start your personal project, every day you had an idea in your mind and put it in your notebook to amend the project and dream about continuing, and start A new stage in questions and inquiries (big), such as: Is my project idea new? What is special about my project? What will make clients flock to and flock to the project? What benefit does the project provide to the participants? Or at least, how does it make their lives better? Yes, this can also produce a successful project?

Yes, one of the things that a person suspect is the reluctance to implement the project. 
Is it correct? Is this going to work? Is this useful and practical and people like these days? Will I fail or succeed? All these confusing matters may be afraid of a person and return from a legitimate act of practical stimulation to them and start failure with fear We will enable you in simple ways to know whether your project is on a successful basis and to expect success with high accuracy is close to success with a large percentage.

The type of project is not required, regardless of your project, whether it is a site, a startup, a product, or even just a small kiosk on the sidewalk. 
The difference is much and there is a lot in the world, there will be a lot of apprehensions before the start of the project and during work on it. 

In most cases, the project is not generally directed to all people with a specific field, sometimes your project is personal - it only benefits you - but the concerns will not be less than any other project, knowing that there are public figures who seem small and now they are among the most important personalities with whom the matter started very small With perseverance and experience, they are now being heard among the rulers of the world with the honor, such as the owners of the Facebook, Google or Apple project, they built their small project and it is now at the top.

I also accomplished something else, I built my own blog in my field that I love and I translate articles on a daily basis, the achievement is not in building the blog, the achievement in itself is that I built an exhibition of works for me that made me persist in the daily work with passion without tiring or boredom. So write down the features of a successful project

It makes it easier for you to market your project

One of the most important signs that tell you that your project is successful - or it will be one day - is that if you make a simple marketing campaign for your project, you see the results are flocking to you from where you do not know, and you are more than expected, here you know that the audience is hungry for your project and its services and you have to continue it to Forever.

You may not be able to create a paid marketing campaign, but you can publish your project in an online community, Facebook group, forum or others and see people interact with it and analyze the market needs.

The project serves the people and fills an important gap

If your project does not provide a service to people, or even patches a gap in their lives or work, then it is not appropriate, and if you ask me about the appropriate place to publish it then I will tell you that it is a "trash bin." 
People do not want accumulated projects in this world that no one benefits from, but they want something new, distinctive, innovative, and provides them with an important service that they need, or they see a wonderful addition to them.

The fewer service providers that the project provides, and the greater the demand for them, the more successful your project will inevitably. 

Let's take a look at the "WhatsApp" application for phone calls, for example, its owner and creator were facing a difficult problem talking to his mother because the price of calls is very high, so he lit his brain lamp and came up with an idea for an application that allows people to make completely free calls to each other from all over the world with his colleague ( This is according to what I remember from an article I read), this was the first project in the entire world that allows free calls, I do not hide from you that the application was considered a failure in its inception, but with the passage of time - thanks to the patience and perseverance of its owner, and his struggle to survive - it developed and was known by the whole world It was sold to Facebook for an estimated $ 1 billion.

Satisfaction + Passion = Patience = Success

As I mentioned earlier in the WhatsApp example, patience was the key to the success of the project, and so in all other projects, if you have satisfaction and passion for your project and continue with it, you will have patience and you will keep updating and working on it and you will never give up on it, and therefore your project will succeed against his nose, you will not I finish this article and I am throwing a service for you to make projects succeed because I am not of that type, but you have to know something. 
Your project will not succeed on its own, you will not reach the top without paying a single penny to develop your project, this is not frustration, but rather an incentive, I will not make you You read quotes and I tell you that you will not face obstacles.

In any project in this miserable world, you will encounter many difficulties and pitfalls on your way, even more than you can imagine. 
Write on Google the name of any successful entrepreneurial success in the modern era, such as Bill Gates, for example, and read their story from scratch (and sometimes from below zero) and up to the top.
 Yes, obstacles sometimes make your project hopeless, and they are often the fuel that drives your vehicle ( That is, your project) to the summit of Everest and makes you a symbol in your field, persevere and make a name for yourself and your project whatever it is, and again, take an exploratory look at the project and ask yourself: Do many people need this thing? If the answer is no, then you should click the "delete project" button and go to your room and think of an innovative project.