How to learn new earning skills

Some people search that they do not think of anything about their skill, neither a skill they possess nor a talent. I am almost certain that each of us met an individual with those characteristics at some point in time, but we have to agree that some of these people take failure as a way of their life. On the other hand, there remain those who realize that they have no skills or hobbies, but they know that they are in a problem and they must solve it. Everyone is free and I do not judge anyone without a doubt.

Does an individual remain without skills or hobbies?

That is a bewildering question, and there is no satisfactory answer to it, from a scientific point of view. A person is at risk of inheriting a talent or skill from one of his parents, and from a psychological point of view, a person can learn anything, even nuclear physics! With constant training and some determination, let us return to the question, Can you be without skill or talent? In fact, yes, you are without skill or talent until this moment, you are without a skill until you train, and without talent, until you try and discover yourself, that is, the answer to the question is yes, yes there is an individual who does not have a skill and is not talented in a job, it is only if he is not trained or Discover new fields.

In my opinion, the true talent is the trained skilled, so people call the adjective "talented" to those who finish a luxurious work or produce an excellent product, meaning that skill is the basis of talent overall, and here comes the idea of ​​that text, how do you know what you would like to do in Your life? How do you practice a skill or build it from scratch?

What do you do?

I think that the Internet deserves full praise and gratitude, the process of learning online this moment is made easy, you can find lessons explaining to you how to program a robot or how to prepare a delicious Nescafé cup !, For example, in Hub Academy, you will find many lessons and explanations that teach you to take action And freelance work also in programming, design, marketing and sales, what I want to say is that the Internet has facilitated the processes of learning and research as well, and I would like to share with you a quote that I read some time ago: “Do not give me a fish, nor teach me to fish .. I will search on YouTube and learn” which reflects the necessity of the Internet at this moment. Some of us know how to search for something on the Internet, and some of us know English, some of us have all the resources and capabilities required, but rather does not take a step, but the education process in order to be completed in order that we need to be organized and planned, but there are some steps that you need to take on your way, an example of them :

Follow your passion

Here we are talking about a skill, a skill that you will create and weigh to become a help for you in your life, and working with it will be an additional solution to what life has ravaged you .. that is, a collar of non-injury, in the conclusion the skill will be a part of you and a lift for you, I will not discuss how the skill and weight of this skill can be sunn The moment, the most important thing is how to find the right skill for you, and of course the best skill that you can excel in and enjoy working with is related to a procedure you are already passionate about, such as design, programming, and writing. Each of us one daydreamed of working in a specific thing, even if only he imagined himself in place of a creative designer, a genius programmer, the professions that you always liked and liked are what you will inevitably excel in or those that you practiced for a while and then moved away from them for some circumstances.

The few insist that they are not passionate about something, and I personally am surprised about that matter, but if the matter is correct and you find yourself not liking or attracted to a specific field or dispersed between an increase from a field, learn a skill needed by the place of sale and purchase:

Study where to buy and sell

If you intend to learn a modern skill from scratch, and there is no passion that attracts you to a specific field, you should study the place of sale and purchase, and classify practices according to the percentage of demand, profit and ease of learning, for example, the field of "motion graphics", a field that is luxurious and required, and does not require a thousand hours of training and its profit is luxurious On the other hand, in the field of programming, it lacks more effort, perhaps, in its practice and learning, and its profit is luxurious. You have to decide, to finance the freelance sites and focus on the fields that invite many, and learning them is not difficult.


In our past steps, we sought to know what the desired skill is, the skill that we will work to overload, and turn it into a good advantage that raises our shares. This is the second step, a step beyond the knowledge of the required skill, and let's assume that you chose the skill of writing, for example, what are the organized steps that we will follow to burden that skill to the farthest barrier?

Determination and reconciliation with oneself

You at this moment know what you want to learn, you have already made a decision about the skill that you will work on strengthening and strengthening, but before starting, before starting any activity even if you will walk a little and return, think, why do you want to do this? Why do you want this skill to be burdened? Why do you want to read that book? You have to find a reason for yourself, to find a motive that moves forward, you simply have to reconcile with yourself and make the image facing it clear, reconciliation with yourself is a step that ensures that you complete the path, and what guarantees you the completion of the road also is to have some determination and some patience. Whenever you fail and never complain, try no matter what your dreams are.

Read and learn

After you have determined the field that you will go into and the skill that you will work on, and your sincerity, intention, and work to reach your goal, go to the second step, read about it! Read about the field you intend to enter and read about its advantages, ways to learn its skills and related skills. Your reading about the field that you intend to work in is similar to the torch of light that explorers take in the caves, you liken it precisely, by doing so you save time and effort that would have been wasted in discovering something or solving a problem that was solved before by professionals in your field. And read to the experts, and read about everything related to your field, this step is necessary before you start the field and also during your professionalization of it, no one has complete knowledge.

the exercise

To strive as you did not do

Did you intend to learn? I read and read? What is this moment? Do not change the exercise, exercise and learn from scratch about your field, use the Internet, as we mentioned, the Internet is not devoid of clarification of big or small, resort to experts, make many mistakes, then make more, not completely problematic, do not train, train as you have not done before and strive When you practice something always, the mind discovers something new every time, and the skill gets heavier with a lot of practice, work, and completion of projects. You know what you have to do, for many years you have known what you have to do and do nothing, this day is different from tomorrow, this day you must start, start and never tire.

Yes, we start now to work at this moment. You are in Heaven, you are seeking to burden a skill that benefits you and others with it, you seek to elevate and improve yourself, that is what is always required. Continue to train and monitor the progress of your level. Toward free or paid, never change, start transforming what you've learned into a visible reality.

Your mastery of a job, even if you do not get paid for it, does not change your mastery, implants in your soul satisfaction that you did not feel before, self-satisfaction, a bullet in the heart of your sense that you are nothing .. And currently, what are you thinking?