How to build a successful business in life

Introduction :

It is no secret to anyone that the idea of ​​official jobs and waiting for an appointment train has become one of the superstitious things that do not happen except in television series and old cinema films. This moment no longer remains for recruitment offices, and there is no luxury in choosing jobs and business, but the matter has become like fishing in a lake for piranha fish. 
Predatory, you have to train, learn and experiment hundreds of times in order to be able to hunt the possibility or the work that is often not what you wish or dream about, but you are forced to agree because that is the only thing in front of you.

But what do you do if you have a specific dream that you will not be able to do anything except it and possess a skill that you want to use and exploit to achieve a victory, what do you do if the various situations are against you and do not help you reach what you desire, you feel surrounded by walls from every direction you feel That you are surrounded by the eyes of others and their questions about your work and your choices, it is time to look at these eyes with pride, to answer various of those questions with your innovative modern work, your work that will not be entirely simple but will be in what you love, and what you dream about.

Insider Let me, as an example, make a fake identification card that embodies the problem: I introduce myself to you as an Egyptian girl from a governorate that is not the capital. 

My dream was to study the media in this wonderful and interesting school, I did not find my opportunity after graduation, regardless of the fact that I made sure that there were various practical exercises and preparatory and training courses dedicated to With the media, rather, to my bad luck and my distance from the capital, I could not reach anything.
 I worked in a lot of changing professions, professions far removed from the media, I do not hide from you the matter. 
I was achieving a reasonable victory, but I was never happy.

I stopped working as a result of health conditions and was forced to stay at home, I do nothing but read the latest events on social media, I became severely depressed and almost lost many beautiful things in my life, until my life itself became threatened as a result of my bad mental state, at last I was reading One of the sites even found a public notice wanted editors from home.

It was a matter of considering the clearance cordon as far as I was concerned.
 I directly wrote to the owner of the public notice and started the work.
 I learned many things and faced many difficulties, and here I am, after three years of work, I became a known pen to some barrier in the ranks of electronic journalistic writing and I was able to investigate victory My month is relatively high, which is why I decided to discuss with you my personal experience, laying before you the most important 17 points in remote work, and I hope that one of you will be able to benefit from them in one way or another.

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Remote work is real, not a hobby:

Being working remotely does not mean that you are an amateur or working without pay, as opposed to working remotely is a wonderful possibility with the aim of learning and making great strides towards the career you dream about.
 Remote work may not have a tremendous return on the forefront, but you are with time and gain experience You will be able to earn a very good income that will help you and your family live a decent life.

Remote work requires commitment:

If you want to work remotely, you must realize that you are fully committed to that job, not only with the aim of admiring the administrative groups in that job, but also save yourself a lot of time, so your commitment to time will earn you the respect and confidence of others, and it will also make you sure many.

Patience with modern challenges:

Remote work at the forefront is not fundamentally feasible, but with patience, persistence, learning and gaining experience, you will find that this work is fundamentally better than many other traditional fixed procedures, also patience for learning, give yourself ample time to learn, and do not despair from the first endeavor, try more from time read and learn and even master your business center used to do.

Don't think about money ahead of the curve:

For the third time, I assure you that money must not be your goal at the forefront, because if you think about that, you will feel frustrated and will not be sure of anything, and this does not exclude free work, but rather I mean that your decisions related to working remotely should not be made based on financial income in the beginning.

Try more than one style and more than one type:

There are many forms of remote work, whether in writing, marketing, or procedures for designs and data, and thus you must try more than one job, and test yourself in many different forms of tasks, discover for yourself which procedures you like the most and excel in them the most, you will not know What you do best in it until you try it all.

Depend on the accumulated experiences:

Do not be confused from time to time in approving unrequited practices, and remember that your goal at the forefront must be the accumulation of experiences because the accumulation of experiences is what will make you get better practices and thus more sums of money.

Beware of fraud and manipulation:

You deal on the Internet in 90% of the time, whether by chat or e-mail programs, determine the procedures that you will take, and also determine the salary and the method of arrest, and rarely in remote work, there are personal meetings, which makes you significantly ignorant with whom You deal, and so you may be exposed to various fraud attempts, in that situation I advise you to do a quick search about the site or company that you will work with, and you can ask your colleagues about the company to make sure of its sincerity or not.

Do not repeat your mistakes:

He sought to exploit your mistakes and turn them into positive experiences with regard to you. 
If you encounter a problem, whether as a result of your time management or your mismanagement of the project you are working on, you must hold yourself accountable and your mistakes will be removed in the future.

Do not be shy about your questions:

You must be aware of everything that the customer lacks, especially what is related to the way of the final project, the method of presenting the project and the dates of submission, also do not lose sight of the question about your rights, especially in kind, this is your right first and the right of the customer, and it will save you time and effort, because your questions may save you Committing mistakes and doing the work on the same project again after completing it.

The search for job opportunities continued:

Remote work, despite all its advantages, except that it is relatively unstable, so always make sure to constantly search for new opportunities and new business, as you may find unique and much better offers, which you are doing at the present time.

Keep updating yourself:

In order to continue working and remain unique, you must continue to learn and update yourself, and always remember that the shortest way to failure is to stop learning and stop adjusting yourself.

Preserve the passion:

Remember that you are working in order to assure yourself and reach your dream, of course, you will face idle periods that you must challenge and return to your passion again if you face one of those periods you have to stop for a little, even for a day and rest, get away from work and do something fun and entertaining until you can return Repeat with passion and enthusiasm to your work.

Be bold:

This point is one of the most important challenges because at this moment you will face everyone with action, be bold and face everyone around you with that job, I will not hide from you that you will be subjected to ridicule and attempts to frustrate, but if you stick to the past points, I guarantee that the various mocking and frustrated viewpoints will change into support and admiration endeavors. 
And they may ask you to show them the way too, just be bold and stand firm on your stance.

Don't be confused about rejection from time to time:

As earlier, I explained that remote work is not fixed, so it is possible that you will be forced to work on more than one project at the same time, but you must put a barrier for yourself, and learn when to refuse from time to time, even if you want to look for kind reassurance. 
And stability, you may fall into the trap of dispersion and frequent actions, and at that time you will find yourself not accomplishing anything, and at that time you lose everything.

Learn to compare and compare offers:

Continuing to the previous point, you must learn to always differentiate between your projects and choose the best in terms of work, and I think that the most important points of distinction here are the degree of your love for what you do and the material belongings, so if you find an ideal offer, accept but as in a previous time and mentioned us, do not distract yourself in an increase For a job, accept certain offers that you can be loyal to and do not work too much on yourself.

Void is not a ghost:

There are specific times you will find yourself doing nothing, idle at work and no recent projects remain, do not despair and take advantage of the stage to learn new things or to have some entertainment, so that you return with enthusiasm to the forefront of work again.

Be confident in yourself:

If you searched diligently and you had a dream that you believe and strive towards it with passion you are certain that you will arrive, do not lose confidence in yourself and make sure that you are walking in the right direction, even if you encounter pitfalls at the forefront of the road, verify that you will arrive one day and remember that you “will not be defeated as long as you resist “Continue.