Gym Exercise Alternatives You Can Do at Home

Exercising regularly is the best thing you can do for your health, but there is always something holding us back in doing so. For example, one of the main reasons people quit their gym membership, according to statistics, is the high cost.

We've found  Bright Side some great ways to always be in shape without having to leave the house or spend a penny.

1. Chairs for dips

Diving is one of the most important exercises to stimulate the chest and triceps muscle. Of course, not everyone has a small gym with a stand for a plunge pool at home, but one or two chairs can become an alternative at home. Just apply weight and pressure in the correct areas to get the best results.

2. A backpack loaded with bodyweight exercises

If you need to do some workouts like lunge or pushups, but going to the gym and using special equipment is not an option, you can try these same exercises with a loaded backpack. Advanced lifters can do these exercises while carrying more heavy objects.

3. A wall for strength and flexibility exercises

If you want to strengthen your legs and torso, you can use any wall in your home as an exercise tool. Elevated push-ups, handstands, stretches, and yoga inversions can easily be performed this way.

4. A sofa as a seat

The sofa in your home can be used for more than just watching TV. One way is to do exercises like sitting, split lunge, and more, using it as a Seat replacement.

5. Stairs for all cardio exercises

The most commonly used equipment in gyms are treadmills and cardio exercise bike simulators, as they are a very important basis for any exercise. However, don't worry if you don't have one at home or can't go to the gym - you can get the same result just by using the stairs in your home, office, or public place.
6. Pike push-ups instead of dumbbell press

The dumbbell press is known as one of the best strength-building and muscle-building exercises for the upper body in the gym. However, pike push-ups can be  a great alternative to them and they can be done at home without any fitness equipment.

What are your favorite home gym equipment alternatives?