7 important tips for shooting professional videos using the phone

7 important tips for shooting professional videos using the phone

Everyone used to avoid filming videos using phones in the past because their quality deteriorated significantly and no camera phone features were present, but now the situation has changed, with the tremendous progress and the emergence of smartphones that include the best cameras with the best quality and specifications, phones have become the finest and most used choice. And, of course, you will not be as good as professional photography tools, but you can shoot the best pictures and videos with the best quality in them, and you need to know how to take advantage of them so that you shoot the best clips of the video for the fun times you and your friends, and so we will provide the best 6 notes To shoot optimal videos using the phone.

1.Don't rely too much on updating the video later:

There are a lot of good applications for editing videos and applying effects and others for Android, iPhone and desktop systems, but we recommend that you do not rely on the development of videos later or these applications a lot because even the best applications of effects and development will not be able to cure the deterioration of lighting in the video clip Or blurry pictures Or the voices that are cut and not clear, if you do not focus from the forefront on photographing a good and noticeable video clip, then it is useless to spend hours on a modification endeavor, you may be able to improve it somewhat, but overall it will remain weak.

2.Know the camera settings on your phone well:

All new phones' cameras now contain the finest features, specifications, and great settings, which you can use to completely photograph the optimum video clip, and these features and specifications vary from one phone to another, but from one production to another of the same type of phone, such as the clip stabilization feature Visual stabilization And lighting settings And many other properties of other invasive, this Take your time well aware of these features and specifications and different circumstances available Mode On the phone.

2.Pictures of the video clip horizontally and not vertically:

And it is one of the most common mistakes that many make, even some professionals, of course, there are some few cases in which the belief of the video clip is lacking vertically, and rather those cases to some extent do not apply to normal daily use in our life towards photographing your enjoyable moments with family or friends Vertical photography is not the best method for shooting videos, and shooting videos horizontally is easier for the photographer and more clear and comprehensive for what you are photographing, and the visual clip will be optimized towards running it on a larger device such as a computer, and horizontal imaging is larger.
 As much of the area in the background and the largest possible amount of individuals, and by attaching some camera features to the phone, such as panorama mode, you can photograph the hall or headquarters in 360 degrees while you are in your place, and I do not think you can meet all that area well using the vertical position.

4.Do not use the zoom feature Zooming Much:

And of course, we all know about the Zoom feature And that zooms in the image and enlarges its size, but it is mostly at the expense of the quality of the image or the video clip itself, even the best phone cameras do not deal with the zoom feature until now well, against imaging units and other professional cameras of course, in the best cases towards If you use this feature on the phone, the video clip will become blurred if you want to explain more closely the details in the image, we recommend that you personally approach the object or individual that you want to photograph instead of using the zoom feature.

5.Buy a way to install the phone:

Even the most optimal professionals prefer to use the Camera StabilizerAnd that is because the human hand is not steady in the movement towards carrying anything, and this appears in a large way, especially towards carrying a camera or photographing anything, and there are some phones that support the feature of stabilizing the video clip towards photography as mentioned, but this feature is not useful There is a benefit with some individuals as a result of their hands shaking significantly, and if you are one of them, we recommend that you purchase a fixation device in which you install the phone and start shooting like the one in the picture, and you will find it greatly improves the quality of the video clip and absolutely eliminates the lack of clarity or Shaky pictures.

6. Do not neglect the sound :

The video clip is a mixture of pictures and sounds, and the majority of users are interested in the image, but also the sound, a great necessity in presenting an enjoyable video, because it will be annoying if you shoot a good video, but the sound quality and consistency is bad, such as choppy sounds. 
Or muffled or loud and annoying, you should not neglect the sound towards filming the video because it is an important aspect of it.

These are the best 6 tips that photography professionals recommend to beautify the quality of your video shooting using your phone's camera, and if you have any other instructions, share it with us with comments.

7. That there is patience during filming:

Photography needs patience so as not to shake the image and the sound is distorted. Your movement must be at a suitable slow, not fast.