Top 6 sites to test and test your site before applying and admission to Adsense

Firstly the mobiletest website: 

This tool enables you to test how your website looks on different mobile devices. These tools allow you to enter any URL and display website preview in different devices such as Samsung and Apple devices and many of them go to the  website  mobiletest .

Secondly, Copyscape:

As a busy freelancer, there is a good chance that you will come across the need to use a plagiarism program. Spoofing programs are becoming increasingly important as more and more people express their concerns about the risks and problems of duplicate content. Unfortunately, duplicate content can appear in error anytime the author uses material that is very similar or exactly similar to the content posted on another website. Google indicates situations where duplicate content is posted on multiple sites, and this may cause major problems for all interested parties.
Independents must be aware of a customer’s request for authenticity. Many customers expect 100% original content. However, others like to accept fairly unique content but it is not 100% original.
One great example is one of my clients who have requested that their content be 80% original via Copyscape Analysis. This 80% Originality because they posted the same types of content relatively often on their site and sometimes this means that the book ends up repeating material that was already posted on the same site. This company is flexible with regard to allowing a certain level of duplication as long as it is not less than the original 80%.
It is difficult to guarantee that the content is 100% original - it may be quite natural for some phrases to occur on the same site without any impersonation. Just because Copyscape shows that the match exists does not mean there has been any error, but for sure, you will need to look at the surrounding sentences about matching the phrase to make sure it is different enough.
I have had the opportunity personally to interact with many customers affected by duplicate content. Some of them had not even realized the negative effects this had had on their website until someone had completed that site's audit and determined that multiple pages contain duplicate content.
Copyscape is there to help freelancers, content managers and companies verify their content is completely original. Copyscape is a form of artificial intelligence that scans the internet to determine how much a specific piece of text matches another thing on the Internet. For example, if a website contains the phrase "bicycle brain injury attorney in New York", any other website that has the same word or phrase listed multiple times may appear as a partial match in Copyscape. Then, by looking at the rest of the potential duplicate website, you can try to measure how much content is actually copied to move to the copyscape website .

Siteliner III:

Siteliner is the SEO tool that can be used to explore your website and discover problems affecting your site quality and search engine rankings. This tool can also help you find duplicate content and broken links and create an XML sitemap for your site that you can send to Google through Search Console.
Siteliner took a step forward to solve problems that don't allow websites to rank well. Taking the hidden path by analyzing links and associated issues. 
Although technical problems may be difficult to deal with, this platform makes it easy and understandable for any level of users.
Siteliner has a free version. For Premium Search, you need to purchase credits for which you have to pay $ 0.01. Each credit allows you to delete one page.
Internal links outside You can see the number of links on any specific page that are redirected to other pages of the website.
Outside external links It is possible to limit the number of links on any specific page that contains links to external sites.
Show cached page Siteliner maintains a cached copy of the page that is used when it is scanned. As a result, you will be able to see any adjustment, if any, from the time the analysis was performed.
Multiple Types of Reports There are 3 report options that include a Site Report, Current Table, and Sitemap to navigate to a Siteliner Site  and Map .

Fourth, developers google: 

A beautiful site that shows how fast your site is and whether it is compatible with other devices from the desktop and mobile. The great site demonstrates your site’s speed and rapid response in entering your site. You must use it before applying to find out the speed of your blog that responds to you to move to .

Fifth Wordcounter360 website:

A site of the best sites that you will see on the Internet wordcounter360 has good properties about the site from the number of letters and the number of reciprocal letters Finding frequent words in your topics and articles on the site easily and easily many of us want a site to calculate the words that you write on a specific site but to see most of the sites that give Exchanging clear words on this site allows you to see your site and see the words that you write and the letters that he wrote, and this benefits everyone in knowing the number of words he writes daily without deducting tenders in words to move to the  site  wordcounter360 .

Sixth plagiarismdetector:

plagiarismdetector impersonation detector is very well designed and very modern, working the same way as Copyscape. Plagiarismdetector is proud of more than 1000 users daily for its service, and it offers a fairly elegant feature that allows the content marketer to scan an entire website for duplicate content. This makes it a great tool for website designers and developers, not just content marketing. The plagiarismdetector API also allows users to check both online and offline content by mistake. I recommend checking this service as an alternative to Copyscape.
At the end of our answer to the question "What is plagiarism?" Above is a four-word phrase that can surprise you: whether intentionally or unintentionally. Some of the verbs that fall within the definition of plagiarism can happen without intention, and the writer is often unaware that they have made dubious work.
So, what are the different types of plagiarism? In addition to the overt and commoner actions outlined above, there are many accidental forms that winds may catch once the damage occurs. While some are more noticeable, such as forgetting punctuation or quotation marks, others live in a gray area without a doubt, such as rewording a source or getting great help from a friend.
Most schools clarify their position on these ambiguous areas in the academic dishonesty policy, and professors may provide you with additional guidance in the course curriculum or assignment model. Essentially, universities hold students responsible for learning about these policies, so ignorance of standards will, unfortunately, not excuse students from accidental moves to the  plagiarismdetector .