The best software uninstall tools ever

Eliminate your computer from unwanted software with software uninstallers
Software uninstall tools enable you to save a lot of time and effort, many of them are available for free download, and the Windows system on which computers are running has the option to "add or remove programs", and in most cases, a user will receive a message warning that some program components cannot be removed Or, the process of uninstalling the program did not succeed, and often deleted programs will leave some existing files, folders, and shortcuts in place, which means manually deleting them again, and it also does not update the program log on the hard drive correctly.

Also, tools for uninstalling programs that are separate from Windows are able to uninstall computer programs in a more efficient way, and clean the Windows system quickly from all installed programs, and also allow the user to select several programs at once to remove them, and once they are erased, the uninstall tool or program will then Another examination to track and delete temporary files of the deleted program and the date of use of the program on 

which saves valuable space and ensures that no problems are encountered when installing a newer version of the same program at a later time.

Software uninstall tools also provide an easy way to control browser extensions and plug-ins and remove any tools that are not used continuously, as the user will also be able to empty their Recycle Bin with a single click and delete their browser history.

The best free uninstaller for Windows


Clear interface
Deep impact uninstaller removes all deletions
It cuts the file
IObit Uninstaller starts to work directly as soon as it is installed directly and scans the Windows system for installed programs, and its clear and smart operating interface provides a list of all programs installed on the device with additional tabs if the user is interested only in the latest programs as well as the best programs that will have the greatest impact on performance the system . 
And if the user uninstalled a program and suspected that it had left bad effects on the hard drive of the device, the detailed file scanner for IObit can search for unwanted file residues including broken link shortcuts and cache of deleted program updates.

IObit Uninstaller also scans a look at the user’s web browsers to determine which plugins can be uninstalled to speed up the browsing process, and the program currently supports work on Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, but it does not support working with Chrome or Edge browsers, and each plugin installed on the browser provides evaluation A user to help determine the feasibility of using it.

There is also a tool to shred remaining files some uninstall the program as there are other related and useful tools.
 In all, IObit is the best downloadable uninstaller, and its comprehensive hard disk scanning of recycling files makes it worth the price of many premium programs.

Wise Program Uninstaller is characterized by lightweight and speed


Mobile application
Fast and light program on the hard disk
It has secure and binding options
Wise Program Uninstaller is a mobile application, so it does not take up any space on the device's hard drive, which is a very small and very fast uninstall the program that scans the system in search of already installed programs and displays their assessments to the user to determine their feasibility and confirm their desire to uninstall and is a correct procedure.
 User-selectable options for each program are safe and final (the program also contains the option to repair missing files but only if it is part of the program in the first place). 

The Safe Uninstall option is simply a way to access the uninstall program for the program to be deleted, while the Forced Uninstall option performs a deep scan to track the remaining program files and record the remaining program usage history, and the program also shows the user everything that was selected before deleting it to determine your choice Final.
 The main downside of the program is its small size so that it cannot access the new programs while installing them, but its performance as an uninstall program is distinctive as it is well designed and not crowded with unnecessary tools.

Geek Uninstaller mobile application is ideal for cleaning PCs from software waste


Mobile application
It scans the operating system
It has the option of selecting Google

Does not allow deep scanning of files
Geek Uninstaller is another free portable uninstaller program, that performs a quick scan of the operating system and provides the usual options: regular or forced uninstallation, if you do not know the properties of a program then Geek Uninstaller will search for it on behalf of the user through Google Browser and it is a simple feature that facilitates The user opens the browser to search.
 This is what the program does and does not allow a deep examination of the remains of previously uninstalled programs, and there is no monitoring of new software installations, but the best feature of the program is that it is available in more than 30 languages ​​as well.

An effective software uninstaller, but its optimization tools can be dispensed with


It has multiple installation options
Clears the log of program files from the hard drive
Specifies a point to restore order

The optimization tools included in the program are not necessary
Revo Uninstaller Free interface features a distinctive design but is packed with icons, and the program includes tools such as the startup program manager, as well as links to special Windows system tools (including defrag and the on-screen keyboard), and all of these tools are not really necessary. 
Revo Uninstaller Free provides four options for uninstalling programs: basic and safe mode (integrated into the program with additional examination of the program's record on the hard drive), moderate mode (with additional scanning of the remains of deleted program files spread across the hard drive) and advanced mode (a moderate mode followed by a scan Comprehensive for the entire operating system), and there is also the strange 'Hunter Mode', which allows uninstalling programs by dragging their icons into a circle with crossed lines on the desktop and this is much easier than choosing a program from a list.

Unlike some other uninstalling programs, Revo begins creating a point to restore the system, which is in the user’s favor, and the program cannot continue the new installations, and if you wish, you can try the Revo's Pro version of the program for 30 days for free and it provides more benefits than the version Free that dates back to the late nineties, and the updated program will give a complete drive cleaning off the remnants of the removed programs.

Free uninstaller program with sets of additional tools


A multi-featured tool
The program allows deep scanning of the hard disk
Contains a set of additional tools
Advanced Uninstaller PRO is a multi-feature tool but basically a free software uninstaller, however, it contains a more advanced toolkit. 
The program performs a deep scan of the hard drive, removes temporary files, deletes remaining folders, and takes care of the history of files on your computer. 
Another feature of the program is the ability to backup and restore individual programs, so if a file or folder is deleted, corrupted, or encrypted by ransomware programs, it allows the program to be repaired quickly and easily. 
Advanced Uninstaller PRO has a paid upgrade option called Daily Health Check, which runs daily and provides useful recommendations on improving the efficiency of the computer.

The program also provides virus detection and browser extensions monitoring to ensure better security as well.