Red Bulb Cure

Important note:  These are flash devices for Nova devices
This is the original Soviets
This is a remedy for the problems of Nova devices, for example, the problem of the suspension of devices on the red bulb
Each one carries his own software to treat problems

How to install the software on the device:

Download the software and transfer it on the flash after the work of the formatting of the flash and name the file in the format
And closed the device and installed the flash receiver and connect electricity Htlkaih withdraw the soft and the minimum

It's time to download the Soviets

Nova X7 and Nova 10000 Plus and Nova Pro and Pro Plus means fit for these four devices only 

from here     or   from here      or    from here

Soft for Nova 10000 only
 From here     or   from here     or    from here

jM3pD_NovaX7 lio2K_Nova10000ProPlus eCmLH_Nova10000Pro 3gtfW_Nova10000Plus 46CFT_Nova10000