More interactive categories with ads in Adsense

More interactive categories with ads in Adsense

These areas are based on an examination of performance reports from within the highest profitable AdSense account
You can work a site specialized in any field in them and the percentage of acceptance will be fast, God willing

The first field
Coins and exchange rates
Daily brokerage and trading
Real Estate Investments
Investor relations and the shared capital
Mutual funds
Individual retirement accounts

The second field
Accounting and financial audit
life insurance
health insurance
Property insurance
Vehicle insurance
Money transfer and electronic transfer services
Financing commercial activities
Student loans
Business news and media

The third area
Motherhood and new parents
Baby diapers and toilet training
kids nutrition
Baby care and hygiene

The fourth area
Antivirus software
Temporary screens and digital screen backgrounds
Web browsers
Project management software
Photo software
Graphics and multimedia programs
Consumer computers and electronic devices
Computer programs
Internet programs and web applications

Fifth Domain
Commercial and productive activities programs
Graphics and multimedia programs
educational program
Home video and audio devices
Wireless devices
Consumer electronic accessories
Portable media devices
GPS and navigation
Car Audio and video systems

The sixth area
Shirts and jackets
Women's Clothing
children clothes
Large size clothing

The seventh area
sport shoes
Watches and accessories
Handbags & Wallets
The common denominator between all these vital areas is the woman and the child, so everything that a man seeks in trade and increasing the income is, in the end, to search for well-being and ensuring a better future for his partner woman and his young children and most of the family budget goes on them + all areas of daily service are necessary for a huge audience

The best types of ads targeting type
Personalized ads
These are advertisements based on the visitor’s interests based on browsing history, browser data, and cookie consent
Here, it is possible to ask someone as long as most of the profits come from customized advertisements according to the visitor’s interest, why do we focus on including expensive keywords, and what interest?
The answer is simply that the inclusion of expensive keywords is a type of filtering and drawing based on an in-depth study carried out by the advertiser looking for interactions that achieve its goals.
The advertiser means checking, analyzing, emphasizing targeting, and studying, then placing a group of words within the advertising campaign and monitoring for each word or phrase a specific price per click.
Who can pay and Google uses software intelligence to reconcile the advertiser's requests with the visitor's specific interests. 
Without these words in your content, software intelligence will not understand anything you talk about and it is very permitted that he chooses random ads to fill the advertisement space and its time is not useful profits
Unlike that person who includes expressions that are identical to the inventory and has a price, it remains easy for programming to know what he is talking about easily and allocate