Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus SP2 v14.0.7254.5000

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Microsoft Office 2010 is the most common Office application for computers, phones, and browsers, including features needed today and features that may be required in the future.
 After downloading Microsoft Office 2010, you can accept today's economic challenge with confidence without losing sight of the factors needed to succeed in the IT field.

For regular employees, this is the ability to perform daily work faster, easier and more efficiently, whether they are on the road or in the office, working alone or in a group. 
For IT professionals, this is access to a suite of smart tools that seamlessly integrate with an increasingly secure environment and work on existing equipment, saving business growth, not budget.

One of the best office suite packages for personal computers, browsers and phones. 
This package contains all the functionality that many people need today, some of which may be useful in the future.
 With this group, you can successfully accept today's economic challenge. 
And do not miss the factors of success in the field of information technology. 
Ordinary employees can do work faster and more efficiently, working alone or in a group, on the road or in the office. IT professionals will receive a set of smart applications that can be easily integrated into a system while increasing security and working on existing equipment, providing business development.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 configuration:
Microsoft Excel 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft Word 2010
Microsoft Access 2010
Microsoft InfoPath 2010
Microsoft Publisher 2010
Microsoft OneNote2010
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010
Microsoft Office for the web
Microsoft Physio Premium
Microsoft Project Pro

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Microsoft Word 2010 is a new version of a word processor with advanced document creation capabilities.
 Support for co-authoring document processing and coordination with OfficeArt and improved search and navigation functionality.
Microsoft Excel 2010 is a dynamic business tool that allows you to make the right decisions based on analyzing existing data with the help of improved tools and functions.
 Excel 2010 allows you to calculate a variety of business development options and present them in a convenient, easy-to-read format with rich visualization tools.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Powerful program for creating presentations, including portable, with advanced transition capabilities, and support for animation, audio and video - even in high definition.
Microsoft Outlook 2010 is an email client that has an expanded set of new tools, in support of various web and social networking services.
Microsoft Publisher 2010 is an easy-to-use tool for creating professional quality marketing materials and publications with printing and distribution by mail.
 Improved interface, photo editing, document browsing.
Microsoft Access 2010 is an enhanced version of the database with improved programming logic, integration with Business Data Catalog (BDC), 25 quality templates.
Microsoft Communicator - Simple and easy interface with multiple communication capabilities, one definition of any communication needs (mail, online calling, voice, conferences) with indication of subscriber availability, ability to distribute documents and conference plans.
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010, Office Groove 2007 alternative application, SharePoint Workspace is a client program for efficient online and offline access to SharePoint content, the ability to develop SharePoint to a user's personal computer, fast automatic synchronization between the computer and SharePoint sites, local access to Sharepoint through Windows Desktop search.
Microsoft InfoPath 2010 is an application to create rich dynamic forms for distributing and managing information in an enterprise environment.
Microsoft OneNote 2010 - the new Fluent user interface, improved navigation, and new organizational tools are organized to ensure that all notes, ideas and ideas are not lost, and easy to access. OneNote 2010 supports multi-user sharing and configuration.
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Key updates that are provided by Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 2:
Excel 2010 SP2
Improves stability, performance, and overall compatibility with other Excel versions.
 For a more detailed list of specific issues that the service pack fixes, please download a version of the workbook below.
Fixes issues where the performance of Excel files and Excel file sizes are copied while duplicating data.
Fixes an issue where data validation lists containing comma (,) signs were broken in an .xlsx or .xlsb file. 
This problem occurs when the user's language is set to a site that does not use comma separators (,) to separate lists. For example, Germany uses semicolons

Languages: English | File size: 2.13 GB / 1.53 GB
Microsoft Office 2010 gives you powerful new tools to express your ideas, solve problems, and connect with people.
 Office 2010 lets you work how, when, and where you want, letting you get things from a PC, the Web, and even a smartphone.
 Office 2010 is more "role-based" than previous versions. 
There are features tailored to employees in "roles such as research and development professionals, sales people, and human resources". In its Internet implementation, Office 2010 incorporates features of SharePoint Server and borrows from "Web 2.0" ideas. Use Office 2010 virtually anywhere: PC, phone, browser With Microsoft Office 2010, you can review and do minor editing on Word, Excel, PowerPoint,

x64 | single link | 2.15 GB


x86 | single link | 1.55 GB