If you do not perform these steps, you do not protect your important files in the first place

Protecting personal data is extremely important, whether you use a computer or a smartphone. 
This depends on two columns that we will get to know today through this article!

Protecting personal data has become imperative. 
We are in a wonderful time, I will not deny this. 
But with all these crimes you hear about file theft or with your constant loss of external storage units, we have to talk a little bit about data protection intensively today.

I don't accuse your employees or colleagues of graduation projects, but let's put a simple scenario here. 
You have been working on your graduation project for months and putting all your efforts into it. 
Everyone knows that Mr. 
Qari is putting his project up to date on his external hard disk unit so that his colleagues can easily access this project.

You put your bag around and went to tell your colleague about the difficulty of the graduation project and your absolute need for help from her, of course, you need help! You don't need her number for example, right? Unfortunately, one of your colleagues who stayed at the university for many years in the years of failure and repetition did not want to do a graduation project, but they know that Mr. 

Qari puts his project on an external hard disk in the bag that he left in order to steal it with ease.

Here there are two different scenarios. 
The first scenario is that Mr.
 Qari read this article and took data encryption as a haven for him to protect and kept a backup copy of his files on the hard disk of his computer in his home. 
The very bad scenario here is that Mr. 
Qari does not know how to encrypt data or even describe something about protecting personal data so that those failing on the graduation platforms end up sitting alone in the open without a graduation certificate… .
but don't worry! He will take his right in the hereafter and in the world, my friend.

Data protection solutions lie in two

Data encryption

Data encryption is one of the best data protection solutions that you can use to protect personal and sensitive data on your storage, whether it is an external unit or an internal unit. 
Many programs do this to make it much more difficult for your volume to slip into your hands. 

This encryption makes it difficult for anyone who steals your storage unit and makes use of it impossible in the future if he cannot decode, which means that your personal data and files are safe and this thief will not be able to benefit from selling these units because whoever takes them after him will not benefit from them in the first place.

If you ask me, normal hard drives or SSDs won't change anything over time in terms of the insurance. 
These units support data encryption, etc., 
but in terms of hardware, I cannot say the same about all volumes. 
If you look at modules like datAshur, you will find a fantastic breakthrough in hardware because of the incorporation of a small keyboard to protect data through stronger encryption, but not all companies have to follow this approach in developing their units.

All you need in this case is to choose a program that performs these functions for you. 
Whatever this program is, you must secure yourself with the strongest possible password with all letters and numbers that you can remember because this encryption will not understand that this is your device from which you connected it. 
There must be a strong password with reliable software in order to protect your important data. 
The second leg after data encryption is ...

Reliable backup system

You should know that everything is possible.
 It is possible to lose data on your computer or on the external storage that you own and this is very likely.
 The causes of loss are not only theft of external storage, but the damage of any kind can cause you to deposit your data. 
Protecting personal data or even data about your games is not only limited to encryption, but there are also many things that may cause a problem with all your files.

I will not deny that there are some technicians who specialize in returning data from damaged volumes and sometimes resorting to them myself because what is in the hand is a trick, but it is possible that the damage to your data is greater than someone returns it to you, whatever his experience in this field.

The Internet is also a great reason why you are thinking about protecting your data, my friend. 
Not only is the Coronavirus capable of harming you, but you may find a curse virus from Corona in relation to your data and this may cause damage to your data as well.

Here you should use a system to back up your files in a backup and periodic manner, either on your external unit or on cloud services like Google Drive for example.
 There are many programs that provide you with these services, which you can find easily and conveniently without the need for lengthy research because it is not a complicated service if you ask me.

Let me also remind you of something about backing up files, you only have one computer. 
You also have a smartphone, computer, external storage, and a laptop. 
Let me remind you that protecting the data of all these devices by making backup copies of them will not be smart if you put them all in one place.

Distribute these files systematically to more than one platform and outdoor unit if possible. 
If you put all of these things in one place and suffer any kind of damage or problems, the sadness will multiply because you lost everything because of a decision that could have been avoided with a very simple solution that does not need any kind of fatigue.

Protecting data is never easier with Transcend Elite!

Behind the scenes of Arab Hardware, there are many details that you may not know. 
We always need to move and move with our portable devices and storage units in order to transfer what we need periodically. 
This is why we always encrypt our data and make backup copies of it so that no one can benefit from these units if they are lost from our hands.

What we also share among us is the Transcend units that come with great speeds and performance that cannot be complained about, whether these units are hard disk type from the StoreJet series or from ESD series SSD type.
 However, what do these units have in common?

Transcend Elite solutions for data protection are the common factor. 
Encrypt data and make backup copies easily on most of the various operating platforms for smart devices and computers is possible and easy with this wonderful application.

Transcend Elite provides you with the following benefits just one click away:

Perform backups periodically with the OTB button located on the same volume.
Back up your data with the content that was backed up.
Data encryption with the highly effective AES-256 system.
Decryption through the application after entering your password.
Lock the entire volume and prevent anyone from accessing it outside of the Transcend Elite app.
Back up via cloud platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.
This software is only compatible with StoreJet, ES D, and JetFlash storage units.
 If you ask me about a complete package between performance and safety, I will choose these units from Transcend because of what they offer in the field of consumer data protection and without putting an extra pound to get these services.