How to protect your MasterCard or Visa from electronic theft

Banks, for their part, take the necessary actions to prevent credit card manipulations, including the integration of chips into the cards because of the high difficulty of the fall of manipulation.
 However, this does not prevent e-payment card users from taking a number of measures to defend themselves

MasterCard International, which specializes in the field of electronic payment answers, stressed the need to follow the carrying of credit cards and their shoppers online many instructions to defend their personal data, these tips that would drastically reduce the likelihood of customers being robbed or Manipulation by constantly guarding their personal data

- Read credit card tips and read your financial trading information online to find out how to best use the cards and avoid being fined

- It is imperative for the person before swapping the old mobile phone to verify that all information has been deleted from him and in the position of receiving information on the modern phone it is preferable to use the format of identifying the password assigned to the phone

- It is also necessary to review the monthly account statements information allocated to the card well before the context to pay it, and if the customer suspects that he is a victim of manipulation, he must first contact the bank or financial company with which he deals and provide documentation or information about the incident to be traded effectively 

- It is advisable not to throw scraps and bank statements containing credit card data before you are sure that they are completely and fully appropriate

- It is important to protect and preserve the privacy of credit card information and avoid notification of such confidential data about them and do not respond to any suspicious electronic communications or short text messages via mobile phones that may ask you for personal data related to the card

- It is consistently recommended that your credit card password be converted over and over or continuously, and avoid choosing letters or numbers that are very easy to guess

- It is not recommended at all times to give the trader or the online store the power to deduct repeated payments immediately from the bank account, with the need to think carefully before linking these payments with your personal bank account

- It is very important to ascertain which sites you are dealing with, especially in the presence of a number of suspicious websites on the Internet, and to collect the largest amount of data about the seller or institution from which you will purchase before the purchase is completed

- Towards the use of cards for purchase from some websites, some prefer to ascertain the identity of the buyer by ascertaining the card numbers on the back, so the dependence of traders on the use of a digital wallet is safer and easier instead of having to enter information towards Every purchase