Features that must be available in your site to succeed

Every day thousands of websites and blogs are created in various fields, and many try to be successful enough, so that the site is invested in a correct and easy way.
Today we have several things that must be on your site in order for your site to be successful enough, they are necessary and must be Of routine things in any location. 
They are as follows:Daily PublishingYou must post on your site on a daily basis to prove that the site is still alive and not abandoned, thus giving a better impression of your site.
Proportionality to phonesIn fact, internet users are starting to turn to phones in their usage, so it is absolutely essential that your site fits perfectly with all phones and tablets.
CommunicatePut your email or Facebook page, your phone number or all of the above to make visitors fully able to communicate with you in case they have a problem with your site or want something from you, the communication feature makes the most of the good impression about the site and makes visitors come to it every now and then.
Attractive designYour site must be attractive enough to draw attention, and the colors should be more calm and orderly, away from the scattered ads everywhere.


Work with all your energy to make your site work faster with some additions and some sites that improve the performance of your site and speed enough, all visitors do not like to wait longer, especially with the speed of the internet turtle in some functions.


You must make your site specialized in a specific specialty that does not go out of its frame and it is advisable to reduce the circle to as much as possible, even if you have a specialty you master it make your specialty is but a little deeper , for example the specialty of onxa site is the technology of computer, internet and phones, for example you make your site specialize in phones or system that Druids or IOS, or something like that, so people visit it on a daily basis even if they're not looking for somethi ng specific but in a random way.


Be honest with all your posts on your site and don't attract visitors to fake things, some post a particular topic about something false, people protect it and when they enter it they find it false.
 In this case you'll really get a few more visitors, but remember that all visitors who visited you on this topic will never visit your site again.

Questions and answers

There are questions that are usually repeated on the mind of many, create a special page for it so that you write on this page frequently questions that many people wonder about, and then put their answers right under neath them.