Do you suffer from computer spasm from time to time? Here's the solution to your problem

Often when we use the computer we may be surprised that the latter has become convulsing from time to time without knowing the reason. 
In fact this problem is not only your problem, it is the problem of many using Windows, so in this article I will try to cover the majority of the reasons that make Windows cramp from time to time .

Verosat and malware:

Aerosat is one of the most important reasons why Windows is cramping frequently.
 This is why you should make sure that your computer is completely free of any vesat or malware. 
Although you are using anti-viral software, the latter may be unable to detect some malware, so the best thing to do is to change the anti-viral and also use some supporting programs such as malwarebytes, emisoft, spybot search and destroy.

The problem of insufficient ram capacity:

There are some applications on your computer that need a large ram capacity in order to run, or they consume ram heavily such as browsers (Google Chrome and Firefox) and are known to consume excessive ram space. 
That's why it's best if you're using a weak ram capacity like 1 GGA or 2 GG. 
Move to at least 4 giga, or close the programs after they are finished so that they do not remain stored in the computer ram. Also try not to open a large number of tabs in browsers as well as install a large number of additions in case the ram in your computer is weak.

Frequent programming:

Many programs make some of them create services that work in the latter, the latter and although you did not run the program, they remain present in the ram, as they consume part of the activities of the hard drive and prosser.
 Thus with the proliferation of programs, these services will become increasing and with time windows become convulsing from time to time, so it is better to delete programs that you no longer use.


Hard drive space also plays an important role in making the computer cramp from time to time.
 If the remaining space in Windows is small, be sure that windows will cramp, and therefore you should free up more space, so that you notice the stability of Windows.

To indicate as well that the condition of the hard drive if bad may also suffer from the problem of windows spasm, and you will find yourself sometimes forced to disconnect the power supply from the computer .
These were the most important reasons why Windows convulsed, do not hesitate to try these solutions and share me if I can solve your problem, I would be happy to read your comments as well as share this blog with your friends