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وندوز 10 Lite المخففة للاجهزة الضعيفة لسنة 2020


ويندوز 11 لايت المخفف بتحديثات سبتمبر 2021 / Compact 11 Lite (22000.168)

أحدث إصدارات 11 المخفف معدلة بإحترافية وبتحديثات سبتمبر 2021

ويندوز 11 للنواة (x64) بت
مع حذف الأدوات الغير مستخدمة وحذف متجر ميكروسوفت وكذلك البرامج المدعومة والتى تنزل إجبارياً وأغلبنا لا يكون فى حاجة لهذه البرامج
النسخة سهلة التثبيت ومفعلة بشكل تلقائى ومدمج معها آخر التحديثات

Compact 11 Lite (22000.168)
No TPM Required​

Updated build for the Lite and SuperLite Loving, Performance Minded Enthusiasts of the TeamOS Community.
Added UWP App Support, XBOX Services, Azure AD, and more!

Compact 11 Lite (22000.168) has support for:
Bluetooth ֍ WLAN Connectivity ֍ LAN Printing ֍ Network Sharing
Printing ֍ Mobility Center ֍ Speech ֍ Voice Recognition
On Screen Keyboard ֍ Tablet Mode ֍ Wireless Screen Casting
All Keyboard Nationalities ֍ All Administrative Tools ֍ Metered Connection
Safe Mode ֍ God Mode ֍ MS Store ֍ MS Account ֍ Language Packs
UWP Apps ֍ XBOX Services ֍ Azure AD ֍ Game Mode ֍ Developer Mode
Remote Access ֍ Right Click cmd and Powershell on Desktop
Right Click cmd and Powershell in Explorer ֍ Lock Screen Control
Small Footprint (3.3 GB Installed) ֍ And More!...

Pre Installed Software:
֍ Theme Patcher ֍ 21 Themes ֍
֍ Custom Shortcuts for Update Service and Windows Firewall ֍

Optional Software:
֍ Activator ֍ Chrome ֍ FireFox ֍ Edge ֍
֍ TinyWall Firewall ֍

Recommended for advanced users
For Clean Install Only

For members who are not aware, many lite / superlite builds remove many things such as included MS Apps (Defender, Mail, Calendar, OneDrive, BitLocker etc.) and they aren't meant to be brought back. It's intended for people who are looking for a leaner Windows experience, more as a core operating system to run their own apps and games, not depending or relying on MS's included apps, browsers, a/v etc. This build follows that tradition.

Some services and features are also removed / disabled, and performance tweaks implemented, which makes it a Lite / SuperLite build :) One that can provide a smoother, more responsive, less resource hungry OS for interested members.

If this build is missing features that you need, I highly recommend trying my Compact 11 Pro build, found HERE

ISO Size: 1.56 GB
Installed Size: 3.3 GB
Author: @FBConan
Supported Languages: English during install, Additional Languages after
Architecture: 64 Bit
Edition: Pro
.NET Framework 3.5: Pre-Installed
DirectPlay: Enabled
MS Store: Included
SMB1: Enabled
SNMP: Enabled
Network Adapter Drivers: Included
__________________________________________________ ______________
Hard Disk Space: 8 GB
__________________________________________________ ______________
Create bootable USB with Rufus Tool, burn to DVD, or install in Virtual Machine
__________________________________________________ ___________
Not pre-activated, Activator included on Desktop if needed
__________________________________________________ ___________
Backup and Restore
Mixed Reality
Additional Windows Features
And more...
__________________________________________________ ______________
Power Throttling
Automatic Maintenance
Download Blocking
Error Reporting
Windows Firewall
__________________________________________________ ______________
This build cannot receive future OS Features and Updates, and is intended to be that way. Because of this, the OS will remain stable, and the size of it will not grow exponentially like full Windows installs tend to, but remain the same.

To all interested members, thank you for your support, but please be aware that this is a light version of Windows. It does not have every feature in it, many things have been removed to allow it to function with greater performance and less system requirements than Full Windows can offer. If it is missing a feature, or service that you think you need, chances are it was removed intentionally, and can't be brought back. This Windows was designed with most users in mind, which is why it has most essential features and services included. I try to make builds that are highly functional, yet still very light as far as resources and HDD space requirements are concerned. You have been warned. Please don't ask me to add things, fix things, change things, or enable things. I'm not going to respond, or start giving tutorials, use Google. I sincerely hope you enjoy my builds, I am very passionate about light Windows, and hope they provide a good experience for you. If not, maybe another light version will better suit your needs, or perhaps full Windows is what you require.

File Size: 1.56 GB

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