The GTA 6 leak is codenamed Project Americas

A new set of leaks arose about the new version of the popular game Grand Theft Auto, which dealt with details about a variety of aspects of the game.

There was a lot of speculation about the upcoming GTA game which most refer to GTA 6 although Rockstar Games developers have not confirmed or officially announced anything about the game yet.

The latest rumor came through the leaks posted to Reddit by user "JackOLantern1982", who posted a series of details about specific features of the game.

In its message, the user claims that the information was obtained by "trusted" friends, who worked in prestigious stores such as Kotaku and PC Game.

He has also claimed that one of his friends works for Rockstar, which he believes is a source of confidence, as he appears to always release information when it is wrong.

You can find details of the important points of the diversion below ..

Story Time: The 1970s and 1980s

According to the leaks, the next GTA story will happen in the 1970s and 1980s, and the site will be in Vice City and a new fictional site based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The game seems to have been greatly influenced by Netflix's famous offer Narcos, which focuses on the cocaine empires of the famous drug king Pablo Escobar and other key figures in Central and South America.

Building a drug empire would be similar to city story models, but on a much larger scale, apparently 10 times the size of GTA Online.

It seems that the story will be in chapters, like Redstar Red Deadption 2 by Rockstar, so we expect a different feel than other previous GTA games.

 Main character: drug leader

Unlike the GTA V game, the next game will include one main character that will be played and is the "drug leader" named Ricardo, who was also mentioned in previous GTA 6 leaks as well.

Players will start smuggling cocaine at a low level before new ties with strong people open the doors to more lucrative opportunities.

For other characters, it is clear that one character named Kacey will play an important role in the novel, alongside a young man who is Martin Madrazo of GTA V, where Ricardo will do some of the work that includes other gang strikes.