Sites that provide free videos for montage

With the availability of digital publishing equipment and platforms and the ease of trading with them, it is now possible for everyone to be creative and create useful content and publish it on his own for the world to see, through YouTube; Anything can be easily photographed on your phone's camera and then released, or the platform can be used to spread creative practices that lack a lot of trouble and integrate many other elements, such as visual and sound effects, as well as moving scenes (footage).

Let us stop at the last word in the missed item, and then proceed to search for free digital resources that provide downloading animated backgrounds or special videos to re-use to produce other footage clips, which are these short video clips that can be used towards editing and editing the video clip, It could be the sight of the sky and the clouds moving, or the sight of some garden flowers blooming, or even the sight of a child playing in the beach with all joy and happiness, these scenes that the creator lacks to use during the preparation of the video clip in order to convey the message and produce the video clip completely.

Photo and video market
The istockphoto Foundation appeared in 2000 to provide the service of buying and selling digital images (Stock photography), it is a market that flourished and flourished and became a source of income for some professional photographers on the one hand, and an effective solution for some institutions and advertising and advertising offices on the other hand, these platforms simply save the digital environment To sell and buy high-resolution professional photos, the photographer displays his photos on the site and waits for buyers who come from a place in the world, so he takes his share and the site takes his commission.

Rather, as a result of the high costs of purchasing digital images, especially for the average individual who may lack some images for his blog or the video clip that he is preparing, many sites and platforms have appeared that provide high-resolution images for free, and many of them are platforms that combine photographers who want In giving out their photos for free, and among other users wishing to use these images in the production of their digital works,
Pictures alone are not enough to produce professional video clips, the creator requires audio files (such as backgrounds of music and sound effects accompanying some scenes) to output his work to the fullest, so some of these platforms have expanded to include audio files that can be traded, and also appeared - timidly - sources Others are free to take possession of the musical backgrounds and sound effects
Also, the makers of the video clip require animated scenes or short video clips to place them as a background or during the transition between scenes or for any other reason, and here comes the role of the so-called (stock footage), which is easily video clip shots that can be used to produce other videos, there are professional platforms These scenes are provided in exchange for money, including (shutterstock) and (videohive), but one view may cost you more than $ 50 sometimes, which may be a barrier in the face of ordinary people, so the solution in front of them is to resort to free sites and platforms.

There are some digital sites from which it is possible to obtain video clips and mobile wallpapers in a licensed, safe and free manner, but certainly not like the quality of the paid services, and one of the average answers may be to use the monthly and annual enrollment sites, as the cost will be minimal, especially towards issuing a lot. From the procedures, you will be able to download what you want from the clips during the stage of your subscription, and from those sites that use the mode of subscriptions: VideoBlocks

1. Pixabay platform 

It is one of the popular platforms in the field of images, but what few people know that it also supports the clips of the video clip, it is possible to search in the library of videos that other users have contributed and contribute to those who want to use them in their videos and works, towards searching the site, convert the type of search ( From the arrow opposite the search box) to search within the video library, not images.

The site includes many short video clips, some of them are of high quality, there are also slow motion clips, as well as animated tax clips, and all of these shapes can be identified towards the search, and you can also choose the resolution of the video clip, there are Full HD video clips and then (4K) videos.

2. The videvo platform 

It is a platform specialized in providing video clips to support creators and makers of acclaimed content. The platform offers its own library of video clips that carry a license that allows the use of these video clips in any work (commercial or personal). The issue is not lacking. The publisher of the news explained, the only condition is that Do not allow these videos to be uploaded again via your website or blog.

There is another group of video clips that have been uploaded and contributed by the users themselves, and the license to use those video clips mostly is a Creative Commons license (Creative Commons 3.0), which requires the clearest author of the news about its use.

3. The videezy platform 

The novel began with a Photoshop brushes website founded by (Shawn), and like other sites and digital projects, it was the result of want. In 2006, the founder of the site was looking for these brushes on the Internet, but the sources were scarce, so he decided to create himself the publisher of the news, in the following years he joined To (Shawn) many individuals and found many sites that provide digital materials used in the design until they reached that platform that provides short videos that can be reused.

The foreground video clips on the platform are by other users who capture with their cameras some scenes and then share them with others through that platform.

4. Pexels platform 

It is a popular site known by image lovers and design creators, it mainly provides high-resolution images provided by many sources for free, and collects them in one location for easy access and immediate download, also has a section for the video clips, which can be searched to reach the clip Appropriate then downloading from the website immediately.

On the page of each video, you will find the main data such as the video amount and the license assigned to it, as well as the link to the original video page.

5. Coverr site 

7 recent videos per week, this is the promise made to us by the owners of the coverr site, as the site offers beautiful, high-quality videos that serve as animated background and casual scenes during the preparation of the video clip, the length of the clip between 10 and 15 seconds, arranged and divided according to the categories on the page Basic, the license to use is public domain (CC0), click on any video and start downloading immediately.

The site may be more suitable for acquiring abstract moving backgrounds, such as light lights that sparkle, or geometric types that move, or other backgrounds that can be used as a background for texts or other parts within the video clip. In fact, it is distinguished by that it provides a search feature and accessibility to content through keywords, and the site also offers many free resources near mobile backgrounds.

A site that contains more than 200 videos professionally photographed, is continuously developed and adding recent videos to it month after month, includes a search feature to reach the required video, or you can easily browse the site’s pages page by page and view forms, videos Hosted on (vimeo) platform and downloading is available for each video.

8. Movie Tools website 

The site offers a lot of animated scenes that are suitable for becoming a background for videos and texts, as they are of the (video loop) type, where the last video clip relates to the first so that the editor can copy the clip many times next to each other in the timeline until he reaches the outcome of the video clip, the site also provides Some elements that benefit generally acclaimed content creators (such as the animated title bar below the video and some other visual effects).

9. All Free Download site 

It is a total site for everything that is free of charge in the world of acclaimed design and directing, in which a part provides animated backgrounds and multiple video clips, the contents can be reviewed or the search feature can be used to access the desired clips, the video clips license is (public domain) so that it can be used without any condition Or restriction.

10. Monzoom site 

This platform provides a paid service and a free service to the same degree, they still own a section without charge that includes an increase of more than a thousand video clips for free that can be used during the montage. Editing.